Unveiling the formula for effective management: Insights from Google and TRIPA

Man in a pink blazer and black trousers discussing business effectiveness, social media, ideas, financial growth, and the TRIPA platform with two women. The first woman, dressed in a grey blazer, black trousers, pink shoes, and holding a laptop, and the second in a green blazer, long black skirt, holding a notepad. The office environment is adorned with charts on the wall, representing an active discussion on various business aspects.

Becoming a manager after being an individual contributor often presents significant challenges. The skills that facilitated your ascent may not necessarily equip you for successful leadership. However, the combination of Google’s extensive research and the practical toolset offered by TRIPA can simplify this transition, fostering managerial success. TRIPA Services provides insights on behavior, values, decision-making styles, critical thinking, and role-specific competencies that can be vital for managerial excellence.

Derived from Google’s extensive Project Oxygen research, we can discern key attributes that drive managerial effectiveness. TRIPA, as a comprehensive workforce management platform, supports organizations in the application of these findings to refine their leadership practices.

Growth mindset

Google underscores the need for a growth mindset. TRIPA aids managers in nurturing this mindset with relevant tools and resources, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. Managers can harness the TRIPA platform to adopt a growth-oriented approach, empowering their teams to excel.

Emotional intelligence (EI)

Google underscores EI’s crucial role in effective leadership. Through its behavior and values insights, TRIPA assists managers in cultivating self-awareness, comprehending their own and others’ emotions, and managing behavior and relationships adeptly. Managers can bolster their emotional intelligence using these insights, fostering a positive and supportive work environment.

Managerial transition

The transition to a managerial role can be daunting. TRIPA acknowledges this challenge and provides valuable support to emerging managers. With enhanced self-awareness, managers can better regulate themselves and identify diverse work, communication, and learning styles, which amplifies their influence on their teams. Furthermore, TRIPA helps new managers build robust connections with their teams, enabling productive mentorship and guidance.


Effective coaching is a cornerstone of successful management. Google’s research emphasizes the importance of specific feedback, tailored communication, and active listening. TRIPA, equipped with 360-degree success traits and insights, assists managers in cultivating coaching skills that resonate with their team members’ unique needs and communication styles. Through TRIPA’s resources, managers can evolve into proficient coaches, motivating and empowering their teams toward achieving their full potential.


Google accentuates the role of regular, balanced feedback in employee growth. TRIPA equips managers to offer timely, constructive feedback through its behavior insights. Using these insights, managers can deliver feedback that recognizes employees’ strengths while addressing areas of development, thereby nurturing a culture of continuous growth.

Decision making

Informed decision-making is critical to effective management. Google highlights the need for identifying the root cause of problems, involving stakeholders, and transparent communication about decision-making processes. TRIPA’s decision-making and critical thinking insights provide invaluable guidance to managers. These insights allow managers to make informed decisions, engage team members when needed, and communicate transparently, enhancing their decision-making processes.

By marrying Google’s research insights with TRIPA’s capabilities, organizations can enhance their managerial practices and achieve improvements reminiscent of those seen at Google. TRIPA platform’s insights on behavior, alignment with values, decision-making support, critical thinking resources, and role-based competencies reports provide a comprehensive blueprint for managerial success. By embracing these tools, organizations can optimize their managerial processes, boost team performance, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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