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A fantastic tool to explore the true potential of employees! Straightforward online test, which I took myself. The assessments and diagnostics helped me to determine the perfect role fit for my existing and new employees. It saved me a ton of time and, at the same time, allowed the assessment participants to become self-aware of their strengths and areas of development. I will continue making use of the tools and services which I recommend 🙂

Martin Mitošinka

CEO, CTO at FREE company

TRIPA provides a fantastic framework for applying yourself to recognize and communicate with all kinds of personalities successfully. Everyone can benefit from TRIPA’s services and seminars; they have a tremendous ability to coach and lead.

Scott Brownfield

Sales Manager at PKZ Group

My experience working with TRIPA was outstanding. Consultancy like this is a must for everyone who wants to raise his level of self-awareness and gain an edge—great insight for being more effective and staying motivated.

Peter Sedmák

Wealth Effect Management, Wealth Management

The assessment accurately highlighted my areas of strengths and those requiring development. I like TRIPA’s approach to those areas - caretaking, well structured, and able to formulate points that trigger the change I need, especially at the strategic level.

Julius Siska

Group Head Operations at Finance

I used the TRIPA personal assessment recently and it was amazing. I was really surprised to see the accuracy of the algorithm. It delivered a real comprehensive and detailed analysis of my skills, my strengths and what I can improve in my personal development and career.

I can strongly recommend it and I will also use it in the future for my business, it can save me so much time in the recruiting and team development process.
Great stuff!

Maria Fernandez

Founder and CEO GreenCloudNine

As a startup tech founder, I'm thrilled to share how TRIPA has become a true game-changer for our company. It provides invaluable insights into our team's personalities, attitudes, and motivations. With its user-friendly interface and accurate analysis, we can now make data-driven decisions to optimize team dynamics, foster collaboration, and boost productivity. The software's ability to present complex psychological concepts in a clear and concise manner is impressive. It empowers us to understand our team on a deeper level and tailor our strategies accordingly, ultimately driving the success of our startup. Highly recommended!

Aurelia Edwards

Founder & CEO at Nailstry

A clear overview of yourself, I highly recommended for professionals and
managers who want to improve their performance inside-out.

Roberto Arrucha

Founder & Consultant

Fast-track your career in 20 minutes
Get personalized, career-accelerating insights, identify your strengths, and uncover unique opportunities – all in less than half an hour.

Boost your career with TRIPA!

Unlock your true potential with detailed insights into your strengths, values, decision-making styles, critical thinking, and role-specific competencies. Enhance your performance, discover new opportunities, and achieve unprecedented career and personal success. With TRIPA, you’re not just growing — you’re soaring.

Reach new heights in your career with TRIPA

Discover your strengths, recognize blind spots, and unleash your natural talents. TRIPA guides you on a transformative journey with personalized learning and development, tailored growth plans, and financial wellness tools. Our analytics uncover hidden strengths, turning your diverse skills into a catalyst for innovation. Achieve success and positive impact in your profession with TRIPA.

Identify the perfect opportunity

Leverage data-driven insights to develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), improve your skills and competencies, showcase your value to employers, and increase your career and earning potential with TRIPA.

TRIPA Coaching Features

Career path insights

Discover your career potential with TRIPA's self-assessment tools. Identify your talents and values to chart a fulfilling career path that maximizes your skills, earning potential, and job satisfaction.

Performance benchmarking

Measure and improve your performance with TRIPA's role-based competency, behavior, and value benchmarking. Identify focus areas for improvement and align them with your career objectives for maximum impact.

Identify your value

Leverage data-driven insights to develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), improve your skills, showcase your value to employers, and increase your career and earning potential with TRIPA.

All-in-One Dashboard

TRIPA's all-in-one dashboard provides an insightful tool that consolidates your career, performance, and competencies details in one place, saving you time and hassle from accessing multiple screens.

Find your ideal role with TRIPA by embracing your uniqueness.

Our platform enables you to showcase your personal and professional strengths, values, and talents to find a job that aligns with your needs and goals.

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Frequently asked questions

TRIPA is a self-awareness and self-coach platform that helps individuals identify their career-driven purpose and achieve financial independence. It also provides businesses with valuable insights into their workforce's unique strengths, blind spots, inborn talents, behavior traits, drivers of engagement, role-specific competencies, decision-making style, and critical thinking.
TRIPA uses advanced psychographic analysis to create a 360-degree view of an individual or workforce. It then provides personalized insights, coaching, and guidance to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions and achieve their goals.
TRIPA provides a range of insights, including an individual's inborn talents, behavior traits, decision-making style, and critical thinking. It also helps individuals identify their career-driven purpose and guides them in achieving financial independence.
Yes, TRIPA is industry agnostic and ideal for individuals in all sectors and professions. Its advanced psychographic analysis can help individuals in any field better understand themselves and their unique strengths, weaknesses, and career goals.
TRIPA helps individuals achieve financial independence by providing personalized insights and guidance on maximizing their strengths and leveraging their inborn talents. It also includes coaching on financial management, budgeting, and investment strategies.
Yes, TRIPA is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. In addition, its interface is straightforward, making it accessible to individuals of all levels of tech proficiency.
Yes, TRIPA takes data security and privacy seriously. TRIPA complies with European GDPR and United States data privacy regulations.
The TRIPA logo is inspired by the mustard seed parable, representing growth and potential.

In TRIPA, we request your résumé to assist you in identifying your unique strengths, talents, and experiences via our personal business models tool. This process helps you formulate your USP and inform your career decisions. In addition, once we implement ML and AI systems, the information in your résumé will help further enhance your career path planning by providing more precise success predictions for various roles and improving our recommendations.

Please see the Pricing page if you want to use TRIPA for professional and personal development. If you have a business and want to use TRIPA, please contact our sales team using the Contact form.

Absolutely, you can cancel your annual subscription at any point in time. To do this, navigate to your Account settings > Subscription and click on Cancel subscription. However, it's important to note that cancellation will only be effective at the beginning of your next billing cycle. After this, you will no longer have access to the enhanced capabilities and features of TRIPA Premium. We're constantly working on upgrading and improving these features, so please consider the value they bring to your experience with TRIPA before finalizing your decision to cancel.

The assessment takes an average of 30 minutes. However, we recommend taking the psychographic test in one sitting to ensure the best results.
TRIPA's assessment has undergone rigorous validation by the American Psychological Association, adhering to strict assessment design and validation standards.
TRIPA's assessments are scientifically developed and rigorously validated to ensure accuracy and reliability. We follow best practices in psychometric assessment design and employ cutting-edge methodologies. You can trust that our assessments provide valuable insights into your behavior traits, values, decision-making style, critical thinking, and role-based competencies.
TRIPA respects your privacy and confidentiality. We prioritize the ethical use of assessment results and adhere to strict data protection and privacy regulations. Your assessment results are intended for your personal growth and development. We do not use them for negative judgment or labeling.
TRIPA's assessments are designed to celebrate individual differences and empower you to understand yourself better. We provide insights into your unique strengths, preferences, and potential areas for growth. Our goal is to guide you towards opportunities that align with your abilities and personality traits, not to limit or label you.
TRIPA's assessments offer valuable insights that can enhance your self-awareness and guide you in making informed decisions. They provide a deeper understanding of your talents, work preferences, and communication styles. Embracing these insights can empower you to maximize your personal and professional potential.
Taking TRIPA's assessments may require an investment of time and effort, but they offer long-term benefits. They provide a foundation for self-understanding and personal growth. By dedicating the necessary time, you are investing in a deeper understanding of yourself, which can lead to more fulfilling experiences and improved decision-making in the long run.

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